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LAPTh, an overview

LAPTh is a mixed research unit (UMR 5108) of the CNRS lapth-lapp(within the Institute of Physics, INP) and the Université de Savoie. It is  located in Annecy-le-Vieux, 5km from the centre of Annecy and about 40km from CERN and Geneva.  The activities of LAPTh are centred around three main areas of research:

  • phenomenology of particle physics,
  • astroparticles and cosmology,
  • mathematical physics in particular field and string theory and  aspects of symmetry. 


Pasquale Serpico, lauréat du Prix Friedel-Volterra 2022

serpico.pasquale lapth laureat

Le prix Friedel-Volterra 2022 de la SFP a été décerné à Pasquale Serpico chercheur au LAPTh.

Pour honorer la mémoire de Vito Volterra et Jacques Friedel, la Société italienne de physique (SIF) en collaboration avec la Société française de physique (SFP), décerne un prix à un physicien impliqué dans une collaboration italo-française, en reconnaissance de son travail distingué pour ses recherches en physique menées au cours des 10 dernières années.

L'ensemble du laboratoire le félicite.

En savoir plus ici


Research involving LAPTh astroparticle group members makes the INTEGRAL picture of the month.


A new analysis of the ESA INTEGRAL/SPI satellite data ("Diffuse Galactic emission spectrum between 0.5 and 8.0 MeV") of LAPTh members (Joanna Berteaud, Francesca Calore, Joaquim Iguaz and Pasquale Serpico) with researchers of the Max-Planck-Institute for extraterrestrial Physics and Univ. of Würzburg was able to set a new record in determining the diffuse Galactic soft gamma-ray photon spectrum in the 0.5-8.0 MeV band, superseding the existing best measurements (due to the Compton telescope onboard NASA's Compton Gamma-Ray Observatory) going back to two decades ago.

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Portrait de chercheur David Andriot


"I have the chance to become this year a member of the CNRS within the LAPTh, as a Directeur de Recherche. This is to me an old dream becoming true. Indeed, already in high school, I became interested in theoretical physics of fundamental interactions. I remember some popular scientific works that led me to decide to try to become a researcher in this field. From there, I went to classes préparatoires, then to the École Normale Supérieure de Lyon, did a Ph.D. at UPMC Paris 6, and then 11 years of fixed term contracts in Europe, before being finally offered a permanent position. During my stays in Germany (LMU and MPI Munich, MPI Potsdam), in Switzerland (CERN Geneva) and in Austria (TU Wien), my wife joined me, followed then by two children. We all had nice experiences abroad, but we are eventually happy to be back to France, and in addition, to Rhône-Alpes where we come from.

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In memoriam Eric Pilon


It is with great sadness that we announce that our friend and colleague Éric Pilon passed away, peacefully, on 24 February after a long and heroic battle with cancer. His remarkable fight and courage commands respect. We will remember a colleague who was a physicist of great rigour and a man of conviction with an incredible sense of humour, a humour that was always subtle and sometimes caustic.

Éric joined the CNRS in 1991 with the LPTHE in Orsay. In 1995, he moved to LAPTh in the Particle Physics team. Éric went to the heart of everything he undertook, whether in his work as a physicist, in his passion for cycling and in life in general. He was demanding in his research. He made important contributions to the physics of photon production in hadronic collisions both for direct photon measurements as well as the search for the Higgs boson in the two-photon channel. In this respect, his work was highly commended, especially within the French LHC working groups where he trained many young (and not so young) experimentalists. Éric had a broad scientific interest with a strong foundation in mathematics which allowed him to collaborate with mathematical physicists.

The rigour he was known for was also reflected in the courses he taught at the ENS Paris and ENS Lyon, to the delight of his students.

He was involved in many activities in the laboratory, without ever putting himself forward. He was one of the pillars of the PhysTeV Workshop Series in Les Houches. For many years he acted as the LAPTh correspondent of the SFP (Société Française de Physique).

Éric was also a talented cartoonist. It is through his legendary cartoons that his, sometime mischievous, humour was best revealed. For several years, he summarised physics seminars and various meetings in short comic strips.

His great passion was cycling. Beyond the fabulous sporting exploits of which Éric was capable, cycling was also an object of scientific study to which he brought the same rigour as to his research in physics.

Éric, thank you for all these years in our laboratory. LAPTh will not really be the same after your departure...

In memoriam Eric Pilon website

For those who wish to leave a message for Éric's family, texts can be sent to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

We will collate the texts in a booklet that will be given to the family.


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