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Research Areas

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Particle Physics

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Research topics

  • Quantum Chromodynamics at short and long distances
    • Fragmentation
    • Prompt photons
  • Phenomenology of the electroweak interaction, symmetry breaking
  • Higgs physics
  • Physics beyond the Standard model (supersymmetry, extra dimensions, Higgsless models,...)
  • Models of Dark Matter, interpaly between collider, direct and indirect searches and cosmology
  • QCD and Electroweak radiative corrections, techniques for loop multi-leg processes
  • Flavour physics
  • Quark gluon plasma
  • Heavy ion collisions
  • Renormalisation and gauge fixing
  • Field theory at finite temperatures

Organisation of Conferences and Workshops

  • Les Houches Workshop: Physics at TeV Colliders (series since 1999, every two years)
  • Tools for the New Physics (2006, 2008, 2010, 2012: Stockholm, in preparation)



Astroparticle physics / Cosmology

Research topics

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  • Cosmic rays
    • Sources of galactic cosmic rays
    • Propagation of galactic cosmic rays
    • Gamma rays and radio skies
    • Anisotropies
  • The nature of Dark Matter
    • Indirect sigantures
    • Formation of proto-haloes
    • Alternative wimps
  • Particle astrophysics and stars
    • Low energy neutrinos
    • Gamma Ray Burst (GRB)
  • Cosmlogy
    • CMB and polarisation
    • Models of Dark Energy
    • Mirage Dark Energy

Organisation of doctoral programmes


Fields, Strings and Symmetries

Research topics


  • Gauge theories, dualities and string theory

    • Scattering amplitudes in gauge and string theories
      • N=4 Super Yang Mills
      • Conformal and superconformal symmetries
      • Wilson loops
      • Exact solutions and integrability
      • Application to QCD, recursion relations
    • String theory and instantons
    • axiomatic scattering Matrix
    • String Phenomenology
    • Swampland Program
    • de Sitter solutions
  • Integrable systems

    • Algebraic approach to spin chain
    • Bethe Anstaz
    • Integrable field theory on graphs and quantum wires
    • Application to condensed matter and statistical physics
    • Integrability in gauge theories
  • Field theory and topology

    • Chern-Simons theories
    • Deligne-Beilinson cohomologies
    • Geometric quantisation
  • General relativity

    • Exact solutions, black holes
    • Sigma model formulation
    • Three dimensional gravity

Organisation of Workshops