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LAPTh, an overview

LAPTh is a mixed research unit (UMR 5108) of the CNRS lapth-lapp(within the Institute of Physics, INP) and the Université de Savoie. It is  located in Annecy-le-Vieux, 5km from the centre of Annecy and about 40km from CERN and Geneva.  The activities of LAPTh are centred around three main areas of research:

  • phenomenology of particle physics,
  • astroparticles and cosmology,
  • mathematical physics in particular field and string theory and  aspects of symmetry. 


Lauréat prix Daniel Guinier 2017


Le prix Daniel Guinier 2017 de la SFP a été décerné à Vivian Poulin, pour sa thèse intitulée "Signatures gravitationelles et électromagnétiques de particules massives en Cosmologie". Thèse dirigée par Pasquale D. Serpico (CNRS) et codirigée par Julien Lesgourgues (RWTH Aachen).

Vivian Poulin a préparé sa thèse au sein du Laboratoire d'Annecy-le-Vieux de Physique Théorique et de l'École doctorale de physique de Grenoble en cotutelle avec l'Université RWTH d'Aachen.

Ce prix Jeunes Chercheurs/euses de la Société Française de Physique, présenté par la Division Champs et Particules récompense un/e jeune ayant récemment soutenu sa thèse.

L'ensemble du laboratoire le félicite.


PhysTeV 2019 Les Houches

lh2019 logoThis series of workshops, started 20 years ago, aims  to bring together theorists and experimentalists working on the phenomenology of  TeV colliders with an emphasis on the physics at the LHC. The highlight of the 2019 Les Houches Edition is to take full advantage of the data that has been collected at the LHC so far and prepare for the future runs. In the light of the LHC results, a reflection on the strategy in HEP and prospects from future facilities (at high and low energy) should be conducted. The Workshop will address issues such as how to best exploit these data as well as how to prepare for future LHC data, and what is most desirable in LHC upgrades. These activities will be conducted in close connection with the development and improvements of related theory tools, in particular of Monte-Carlo event generators. The role of machine learning and artificial intelligence will be part of these new development. The Workshop runs over one year, including two meetings in Les Houches in the month of June, and exchanges and collaborations before and after the meetings. The meetings in Les Houches will consist of two sessions:

Session I: 10-19 June 2019 with emphasis on SM-related issues.

Session II: 19-28 June 2019   with emphasis on New-Physics searches

see here for more




La Nuit des Ondes Gravitationnelles


La Nuit des ondes gravitationnelles sera l'occasion pour des lycéens, étudiants et tous les curieux des sciences de venir s'informer et échanger sur cette découverte scientifique majeure lors d'une grande soirée festive qui se tiendra simultanément dans 12 villes en France et 2 villes en Italie.

Dans chacune de ces villes, la soirée commencera à 18h30. A Paris la soirée se terminera par une conférence portant sur la relativité dans le cinéma de science-fiction. Elle sera présentée par Quentin Lazzarotto, cinéaste, et Richard Taillet, physicien. En s’appuyant sur plusieurs extraits de films, les intervenants décrypteront les différentes façons de montrer de la science au cinéma.

Read more: La Nuit des Ondes Gravitationnelles


First Franco-Russian Doctorate, initiated by LAPTh

Last June, the signing of the first Franco-Russian doctorate was held at the French Embassy in Moscow. The partners of this agreement, initiated by Pascal CHARDONNET of LAPTh, are the Université Savoie Mont Blanc, the Université Grenoble-Alpes, the COMUE Grenoble-Alpes, the Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics and the MEPhI in Moscow.

The objectives of the PhD in Fundamental Physics are:
- the integration of the training project in fundamental physics, with the creation of a graduate school where Franco-Russian professors from partner universities will share their lectures.
- the organization of joint doctoral training schools, which will take place every year in Russia and France.
- the increasing of mobility between the two countries between the consortium partners both among students and professors.
- the issue of a joint doctoral degree at the end of the program.
- the promotion of dissemination of cultural exchanges with a language component, even if the main language remains English.

The first joint doctoral training school will be held in Moscow on 12-16 December this year, which coindices with the 50th anniversary of Franco-Russian scientific cooperation. The theme will focus on the structure and evolution of the universe. The LAPTh welcome also the first student of the doctorate starting November 2016, on the understanding of the dark age of our universe with the formation of its first stars.


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