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LAPTh, an overview

LAPTh is a mixed research unit (UMR 5108) of the CNRS lapth-lapp(within the Institute of Physics, INP) and the Université de Savoie. It is  located in Annecy-le-Vieux, 5km from the centre of Annecy and about 40km from CERN and Geneva.  The activities of LAPTh are centred around three main areas of research:

  • phenomenology of particle physics,
  • astroparticles and cosmology,
  • mathematical physics in particular field and string theory and  aspects of symmetry. 


Postdoctoral position in HEP phenomenology


Deadline on Dec 6, 2019

Job description:

The HEP group at LAPTh Annecy invites applications for a postdoctoral position funded by the French National Research Agency (ANR). The position is for 2 + 1 years, starting from fall 2020.

We are seeking a candidate with expertise on effective field theories applied to flavour physics. Experience with advanced EFT approaches such as soft-collinear effective theory is a plus, although it is not necessary to apply. Close interaction with the LHCb group at the adjacent LAPP building is foreseen.

However, applicants from all areas of high-energy phenomenology are encouraged to apply.

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Position in Theoretical High-energy Astrophysics2020


Deadline on Dec 15, 2019

Job description:

We announce a 3-yr (2+1) CNRS/ANR postdoctoral position at the LAPTh, Annecy, France, starting in Fall 2020 (earlier/later start possible). Application and selection will be carried out starting in October 2019, until the position is filled.

We expect the successful candidate to work on theoretical predictions for compact object populations in the Galactic bulge, modelling the formation and evolution of different classes of high-energy emitters. Multi-wavelength and multi-messenger signatures of such populations will also be explored, from radio to gamma rays.

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Fête de la science 2019

Le LAPP et le LAPTh fêtent la Science !


Du 7 au 13 octobre 2019 a lieu la traditionnelle Fête de la science. A cette occasion, le Laboratoire d'Annecy de physique des particules (LAPP) et le Laboratoire d'Annecy-le-Vieux de physique théorique (LAPTh) ouvriront leurs portes la semaine aux collégiens et aux lycéens des environs. Le dimanche 13 octobre, c'est le grand public qui sera accueilli.

Au programme de ces festivités : visites du nouvel espace découvertes multimédias Eutopia, du centre de calcul MUST, rencontres avec les scientifiques, conférences, casques de réalité virtuelle, ateliers de zététique...

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Un signal d'ondes gravitationnelles pour explorer le centre de la galaxie


Crédit NASA

Observées pour la première fois en 2015, les ondes gravitationnelles sont devenues de véritables outils de la connaissance en physique. Ici, le signal des ondes gravitationnelles qu'émettraient des pulsars milli-seconde en provenance du centre de notre galaxie a été modélisé, et, s'il est un jour détecté, il fournira de précieuses informations, notamment sur les rayonnements gamma qui y sont émis.

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