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Portrait Jérémie Quevillon

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Jérémie Quevillon is a CNRS research scientist affiliated with LAPTh since the fall of 2023. His primary focus lies in theoretical particle physics, with a particular emphasis on physics Beyond the Standard Model. Following the completion of his PhD at LPT Orsay (2011-2014), under the supervision of Abdelhak Djouadi, where he investigated the phenomenology of the Higgs boson, supersymmetry, and dark matter.

Subsequently, Jérémie joined the theoretical particle physics and cosmology group at King's College London (2014-2017), collaborating with John Ellis, during which he further expanded his research horizons into Effective Field Theory and cosmology. In 2017, Jérémie Quevillon joined CNRS as a chargé de recherche and was initially associated with the theory group of the LPSC in Grenoble. His research concentrated on axion physics phenomenology and delved into theoretical aspects of quantum field theory in curved spacetime. In 2022, he was detached in the Department of Theoretical Physics at CERN as a scientific associate before joining LAPTh.