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Theoretical physics is a field which can sometimes be difficult to explain to the general public. Various conferences have been elaborated by a group of researchers and University lecturers of the laboratory, with the goal to explain the most conceptual difficulties while keeping the scientific rigour in the popular science speeches. What a challenge!

Conferences are then given in various occasions (e.g. high-schools, CCSTI which are centers for popularising science, special event like "Fête de la science") by the various people who conceived it.

Find below the slides (in French) of the three conferences that have been elaborated.

elements Des atomes aux particules et au delà: élémentaire, mon cher Watson !

Grains d'onde: les deux visages de la lumière.


Un voyage dans l'espace et le temps : les dimensions supplémentaires.


Dark Mattervermeer wmap

More and more accurate observations lead us to believe that the bulk of the Universe is in the form of an unknown type of matter that does not emit light but nevertheless " weighs " more than all the particles we know . We have long known that we are not at the center of the universe, now it seems that the matter we are made of is only a very small part of what constitutes the universe at large.....

Our colleague Richard Taillet has written a detailed account on the subject of dark matter.


The word " antimatter " is surrounded by an aura of mystery and raises a number of questions to the curious mind. Richard Taillet has posted a long article on the futura-sciences website .

Physics for Grandma

François Arleo has published a series of books for the general public related to particle physics. He takes his grandma as the average general public person. For more details , see the grandma blog.