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Visitor's Survival Kit - Safety and fire instructions

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General instructions in case of fire

First of all, the first thing you should do once you are given an office is to locate the nearest exit. You should also find out where the nearest fire alarm switch and the nearest fire extinguisher are.

When the alarm goes on:

  • Leave your belongings at your workstation (office,..)
  • Close all doors and windows in order to contain fire
  • Potentially hazardous hardware should be secured and made safe: switch off equipment under operation (shut off gas supplies, disconnect power supplies, switch off your computer,…)
  • If there is smoke around you keep low : more fresh air keeps to the floor
  • If you are blocked in a room, close the door. If possible sprinkle it with water, seal the bottom of the door
  • Do not use the lifts
  • Leave by the nearest exit (not necessarily your normal exit)
  • On your way out:
    • Shut the doors of rooms that are unoccupied (to prevent fire from spreading)
    • Urge others to leave with you and help people in trouble
    • Follow the direction   given by the illuminated signs                               
    • Obey the directives given by people wearing yellow armbands (evacuation guides) and those given by first aid workers
    • Do not go back
    • Go to the fire assembly point  (in the car park outside)                    
  • At the fire assembly point, do not hesitate to give any useful information to the "ACMO" and/or agents in charge of identifying missing people
  • Do not re-enter the building until instructed to do so by your supervisor/ACMO/fire worker
  • During the fire alarm, there will be "observers" who will be wearing badges

If you notice a fire starting:

  • Warn the people around you and call an "ACMO", the administration or, at a last resort, the front desk
  • If you think you can do it, use the extinguishers to put out the flames
  • If fire gets out of control, ring the alarm and call the fire brigade (Tel. 18)