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Paul Sorba

Paul Sorba
Phone 16 85
Office number 4.012bis
Team Physique Mathématique
Position Emérite

These three recent years, my interests were concentrate on:

- Field theory and Non Equilibrium Quantum Systems:

Started more than ten years ago, our algebraic / field theoretical approach of Quantum Wires (J.Stat.Mec)0407(2004) P001; Proc.Symp.Pure Math. 77(2008) 639) led us rather naturally to consider in detail some Non Equilibrium physics aspects in particular quantum transport, energy transmutation, quantum noise effects, and more generally current cumulants.

Most of our recent results are published in J.Phys.A: Math. Theor. with arXiv references: 1409.2994; 1502.05234; 1601.01819; 1609.05427

- Biophysics:

We developed new applications of our model for the Genetic Code, denoted ‘’Crystal Basis Model’’, first introduced in Phys.Lett.A 250 (1998) 214, in which the codons appear as composite states of the four nucleotids, themselves classified in representations of the quantum group Uq(Sl(2)+Sl2)) in the limit q=0.

In our recent work, we construct a codon-anticodon interaction and impose to it a minimum principle to determine the effective anti-codons in the translation-transcription process, the codon bias and also the genetic code evolution. These results can be found in BioSystems 107(2012) 113; 111 (2103) 175; 141 (2016) 20.

- Multiquark states:

My interests in multiquark states started a long time ago, with our observation and hidden colour in such states ( Lett.Nuovo Cim. 20(1977) 435) and our first paper on pentaquarks – we called them ‘’mesobaryonium’’ (Nucl.Phys. B145(1978) 119).

Our recent study deals with 2 quark-2 antiquark states with hidden beauty (Phys. Lett. B732 (2014) 97) and a search for doubly heavy dibaryons in a quark model (Phys.Rev. D94 (2016) 034038).