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Accueil Annuaire Fawzi Boudjema


Téléphone: +33 (0)4 50 09 + numero de poste
Courriel: prenom.nom@lapth.cnrs.fr

Fawzi Boudjema

Fawzi Boudjema
Adresse de site internet lapth.cnrs.fr/pg-nomin/boudjema
Téléphone 16 88
Office number 4.138
Team Physique des Particules
Position Chercheur

Research Interests

  • Phenomenology of the Electroweak Interactions
  • Higgs Physics and Symmetry Breaking
  • Radiative Corrections in the SM
  • Automatic Calculations of Radiative Corrections
  • Phenomenology of Supersymmetry at the Colliders
  • Dark Matter, relic density and searches
  • Field Theory, Renormalisation and Gauge fixing