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Access to LAPTh
By bus/taxi from Annecy
From Geneva by Bus
From Lyon Airport
Travelling by Car and Parking
Travelling by Train
Travelling by Air
Hotels in Annecy
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lapth-lappLAPTh is located at 9, chemin de Bellevue, F-74941 Annecy-le-Vieux. If you have a GPS or a smartphone you can enter this address or the

GPS coordinates: 45.920058, 6.160968


If you have a smartphone, simply  flash the QRcode (you can then download the direction to LAPTh, phone, web and contact numbers). Open this page to display the QR Code. 

Otherwise, please print the detailed and most up-to-date direction to LAPTh by specifying your location on the map locator below. 



Map locator

Full size Map

By bus

From Annecy town centre

Our map indicates the location of some bus stops around the train station (Gare SNCF/Gare Routière) from which you can take a bus to reach LAPTh. 

You should take bus No 1 (direction "Parc des Glaisins") or bus No 4 (direction Campus) and get off at the stop "Campus". The journey takes about 20 mins from the town centre. Buses run rather frequently (every 10-15 mins), except during the  school holidays when the wait can be longer and on Sundays. The last bus service is at 8pm on weekdays.

The LAPTh / LAPP buildings are located across the road from the bus stop, see here,  opposite the roundabout with a copper accelerating structure from the LEP era.   Walk, past the barriers, all the way up to the entrance.

You can download the Annecy bus timetables  and get more information on the Annecy local bus service from the official site SIBRA.

Walking from/to the City Centre would take about 45mins.

From Annecy-le-Vieux

For those staying in Annecy-le-Vieux, you may reach the laboratory either on foot or by bus. Here is a map of Annecy-le-Vieux.

You can then catch bus line No 1 to "Campus".

Do not confuse Annecy-le-Vieux with le Viel Annecy. The Viel Annecy refers to the Old Town in Annecy, which is very close to the town centre of Annecy (and the train station).

Taking a  taxi from Annecy Centre

We do not recommend taking a taxi from Annecy town centre. It costs approximately 13 euros. Annecy Taxi website

From Geneva Centre/Airport

Geneva Centre

The bus is the most convenient means of public transport to reach Annecy. Please avoid taking the train!

The Annecy-Geneva bus leaves from the main bus terminal in Geneva. Time tables are found on this  Website or here, refer to line: Annecy-Cruseilles-Le Chable-St Julien-Geneve. The terminal is located at Place Dorcière, a few minutes walk from the main train station (Cornavin) and post office (see this map).

Get off at the last stop in Annecy, train station or Gare SNCF on the Annecy map. Then take the local bus to LAPTh (see bus from Annecy section)  or go to your hotel which must be within walking distance if staying in Annecy.

Yu can book your ticket online and consult the timetable from the Flexibus company here. The journey takes about 1h. Fare: about 23CHF/14 euro  (one-way).

Geneva Airport

Geneva airport is 50 km away from Annecy: Geneva International Airport. This is probably the most convenient airport for those taking  a plane.

Some of the Geneva to Annecy buses stop at Geneva Airport, check the bus timetable. If the wait is not long wait at the airport. If not, you can take a local Geneva bus or the fast train to Geneva main train station (Cornavin) which is within 5 to 10mins walk from the main bus terminal. From there you can catch a bus to Annecy. The journey takes about 1h. Fare: about 17CHF/12 euro  (one-way).

If for some reason your plane has been delayed and you have missed the last bus to Annecy, you can take a taxi to Annecy. This is expensive (approximately 190CHF) but probably less than a hotel room in Geneva if booked late at night from the airport. Hotel rooms around 100CHF can be found, try booking through Geneva Tourism site.

Geneva Taxis:

Tel numbers: you can order a taxi by phone at this number (Centrale de réservation): +41 (0)22 33 141 33

More information on taxis and public transport in Geneva can be found here.

Pre-booked taxi from Geneva Airport

In case  your flight is scheduled to  land after 7pm, you should make plans with your host and/or our Secretariat so that a taxi is pre-booked for you. The taxi  will wait for you at the Airport.

Car Hire

You may also hire a car at Geneva airport. A large number of car hire companies are present at the Airport.


by car

This is by far the most convenient means as we are about 40kms from CERN.  We advise that you take the motorway (toll about 5.60 euros).

Please follow the directions as detailed from the map locator, see here

by bus

From CERN take the Geneva local bus/tram to  Cornavin (main train station). Then walk to Gare Routière to catch a bus to Annecy.

From Lyon St Exupéry International Airport

The airport is 125km away from Annecy: Lyon St Exupéry International Airport

The bus is indeed the easiest way to travel from Lyon Airport to Annecy. However, there aren't so many buses.

Timetables and fares can be found at: http://www.altibus.com/

Otherwise, you can also catch a shuttle bus to Lyon town centre and then a train on to Annecy. (Taxis are another but rather costly option at around 80 euros one way).

Travelling by car

You have a GPS: enter 9 Chemin de Bellevue, Annecy-le-Vieux, France.

or the GPS coordinates: 45.920058, 6.160968

You do not have a GPS

Print your itenary from our map locator. This is the most detailed and up-to-date itenary you will get. Go to our map locator here and just enter your location.

 Below is summary of the last leg of your intenary. Use with caution as it is not very detailed and may not be up-to-date in case of roadworks, accidents,..

On the Lyon->Chambéry->Annecy->Genève motorway, exit at "Annecy Nord".

Follow the sign to "Annecy le Vieux/Thônes". After having crossed Annecy-le-Vieux following the direction of Thônes, you will see on your left "Zone d'Activité des Glaisins". Take the right turn and at the next roundabout, turn right into "Chemin de Bellevue" following the sign to "LAPP". LAPTh / LAPP are located on this street, turning right at the next roundabout.

If you get lost after exiting the motorway, look out for signs pointing towards "Annecy le Vieux" and, in particular, the University or "Domaine Universitaire (IUT)", which is right next to LAPTh / LAPP.




There are two parking areas within the LAPTh/LAPP precinct. In the rare occasions where the parking is full (special event, conference,..), you can try the parking of the School of Management, 100m down the road Chemin de Bellevue.


Travelling by train

National TGV and regional train lines go to Annecy.

You can plan your journey, book and buy your ticket online on the SNCF website.

Train from Paris (Gare de Lyon) take about 3h45mis, from Lyon about 2h. This is by far your best option if travelling from Paris.

Avoid taking the  the train from Geneva.! The connection and time-table is just too bad.

Travelling by air

Depending on where you are coming from, you might want to fly to one of the three airports located close to Annecy:

Some hotels in Annecy,  in the Centre, near the station and the Old Town







Hôtel Campanile (Annecy Centre)**  37, rue Vaugelas 74000 ANNECY   Tel. : 04 50 45 05 78 

Hôtel Alexandra ** 19, rue Vaugelas 74000 ANNECY Tel. : 04 50 52 84 33                            

HOTEL DU NORD ** 24  rue Someiller    Tel. : 04 50 45 08 78 

HOTEL DES ALPES ** 12, rue de la poste

HOTEL CARLTON (Best Western) *** 5, rue de Glières

HOTEL DE BONLIEU *** 5, rue de Bonlieu

HOTEL LE PRE CARRE **** 27, rue Sommeiller

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