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Fête de la Science 2014

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On the occasion of the festival of science, LAPP and LAPTh will open their doors on  Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 October  2014  from 10am to 18pm keeping up with this annual tradition.

We will make you discover more about  the experiments  carried at LAPP as well as the various activities both experimentalists and theorists (of LAPTh) are involved in.  Visitors will meet and interact with  physicists, engineers and technicians through different stands and stalls that represent the many research topics carried in our laboratories: Study of  the Higgs particle, the search for new particles at the LHC , anti-matter , cosmic rays  as well as the role of electronics, computers and mechanics in neutrino experiments, gravitational waves and the search for dark matter.  

Furthermore, a series of lectures is also proposed :

Saturday 11 from 14h to 15h : " CERN and the Higgs Boson " by Jessica Leveque ( LAPP )

Saturday 11 from 17h to 18h: " Measuring the Universe : the new challenges of cosmology ," Timothy Delubac (EPFL)

Sunday 12 from 14h to 15h : "The study of cosmic rays : the deserts of Namibia to the International Space Station ," by Gilles Vincent Maurin and Leek ( LAPP )

Sunday 12 from 17h to 18h: "The 60 years that have revolutionized our understanding of the structure of matter" by Bolek Pietrzyk ( LAPP )

The film " The Mystery of Dark Matter ," directed and co-produced by Cecile Denjean of CEA, CNRS- images and Arte, will be screened in the auditorium each day at 11am to 15:30 (Duration 50 minutes).

If weather permits , a session of observation of the sun, organised by members of the Astronomical Society of Annecy  will take place on Saturday, October 11 from 10h to 17h on the square outside the main entrance of the laboratory.

Likewise, depending on the weather  a public meeting consisting of astronomy observation  proposed by Tycho Association Saturday, October 11th from 8:30 p.m. to 0:00 on the lawn in the extension of the  car park  

Here, for more information.