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Other Talks

tan beta in the MSSM: Definitions, Gauge Invariance, Scheme Dependence and Applications,  MultiHiggs Workshop, Lisbon, Sep 09 (talk)

LHC and the Cosmos, Würzburg, July 09 (talk)

Dark Matter Searches and the LHC Connection: Reconstruction and missing energy physics,  LHC2FC Meeting, CERN, Feb 09 (talk)
Tools for SUSY, Summary and Outlook  Summary talk, euroGDR, Barcelona, Nov 5, 2005

SUSY Dark Matter: Loops and Precision from Particle Physics invited talk  at RADCOR05, Sokendai Shonen Village, Japan, October 2005 
Trilinear and Quartic Couplings at the LHC Talk  at the ATLAS Week, CERN, Feb 2005

Requirements on colliders to match the susy relic density, LHC/LC Meeting, CERN, Nov. 2004

(Perliminary) results for the full one-loop electroweak corrections, LAPTH-MinamiTateya Collaboration

  • e+e- to nu nu H H
  • presented by Y. Yasui, ECFA-DESY, Durham Sep 2004, pdf
  • presentation by  K. Kato, LCWS05, SLAC, March 2005, pdf
  • presentation by K. Kato, EPS Conference, Lisbon, July 2005, pdf

Uncertainties in relic density calculations, LCWS04 (.ppt) by Geneviève Bélanger

Prospectives and Issues in High Energy Physics: Rencontre de Sévrier March 2004, Constantine April 2004

New Results with Automatic Calculations, Lyon, April 2004 (Rencontres de Phénoménologie)

On the reconstruction of the Higgs Potential at the Colliders, 685Kb, Freiburg May 2003

Radiative Corrections to nu nu H an d t t H and Grace-1loop, ps file 553Kb (presented by Genevieve at Loopfest 2, May 2003 and FB at Les Houches 2003.


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