nPDF generator

Using the form below you can calculate, in real time, the nPDF ratios, RiA(x, Q2) = fiA(x, Q2)/fip(x, Q2) for any of the nPDF groups DSSZ, EKS98, EPS08, EPS09, FGS10, HKN04, HKN07, nCTEQ, nDS, nDSg. You can also generate and compare plots of RiA(x, Q2) vs x at any Q2 for up to 4 different parton types, nPDF sets or atomic mass numbers. Mind that some nuclei are not available for HKN.

xmin = xmax = N points = Q2 = GeV2
ymin = ymax =
x-scale: lin log        y-scale: lin log

1  A =
2  A =
3  A =
4  A =
also plot ratios of RiA (2/1, 3/1, 4/1)


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Recent reviews:
N. Armesto, J. Phys. G32 (2006) R367

Created by François Arleo and Jean-Philippe Guillet, and adapted from the Parton Distribution Generator. Visit also the Fragmentation Function Generator
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Updated: September 2010