FF generator

Using the form below you can calculate, in real time, values of z Dik(z, Q2) for any of the fragmentation functions from the groups AESSS, AKK, BFG, BFGW, BKK, DSS, DSV, HKNS, KKKS08, KKP, Kretzer. You can also generate and compare plots of z Dik(z, Q2) vs z at any Q2 for up to 4 different parton types, FF sets or particle species.

xmin = xmax = step = Q2 = GeV2
ymin = ymax =
x-scale: lin log        y-scale: lin log

1 scale-factor
2 scale-factor
3 scale-factor
4 scale-factor
also plot fragmentation function ratios (2/1, 3/1, 4/1)

Remarks References Downloads Recent reviews You can also visit Marco Radici's fragmentation function database website.

Created by François Arleo and Jean-Philippe Guillet, and inspired by the Parton Distribution Generator. Visit also the nuclear Parton Distribution Function Generator
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Updated: January 2011