Björn Herrmann.
Research interests and related activities.

Research interests
 • Phenomenology of physics beyond the standard model of particle physics
 • Interplay of collider, flavour, and astroparticle physics
 • Distinction of scenarios beyond the standard model
 • Radiative corrections to collider and astroparticle processes
 • Monte Carlo simulations for current colliders
 • Models beyond minimal flavour violation
 • Mechanisms of supersymmetry-breaking
 • Development of tools for the high-energy physics community

Related activities
 • Organization of the weekly scientific seminar at LAPTh
 • Member of the local organizing commitee of the workshop Physics at TeV Colliders
 • Referee for various scientific journals
 • Member of the Conseil National des Universités (CNU, section 29)
 • Member of the recruitment advisory board (section 29) within Université Savoie Mont Blanc
 • DM@NLO - Computing the dark matter relic density including QCD corrections