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Post-doc Position to be filled Fall 2017 : Precision Calculations

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In the framework of the French Excellence Initiative, ENIGMASS, a consortium of the four laboratories (LAPP, LAPTh, LPSC and LSM), we are seeking candidates for a post-doctoral position at LAPTh Annecy to work on the topic of precision calculations (QCD and electroweak higher order corrections) with applications to LHC physics. A good knowledge or familiarity with Monte-Carlo generators, tools or techniques will be a bonus. The successful candidate will join a team of theorists at LAPTh. Collaboration with theorists at LPSC Grenoble and with experimentalists in ATLAS (LAPP Annecy and LPSC Grenoble) is foreseen.

The fellowship is awarded for a period of two years starting in Fall 2017.

Applications will be reviewed starting Dec. 11th 2016, it is therefore highly advisable that the recommendation letters have reached by then. Submissions will remain open until the position is filled. Apply here.


Post-doc Position to be filled Fall 2017 : Flavour Physics

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The theoretical high-energy physics (HEP) group at the LAPTh Annecy invites applications for a postdoctoral position funded by the French Excellence Initiative ENIGMASS (consortium of the four laboratories LAPP and LAPTh in Annecy, LPSC in Grenoble and LSM in Modane). The fellowship is awarded for two years, starting fall 2017. We are seeking a candidate whose research interests have substantial overlap with flavor physics. Close interaction with the LHCb group at the adjacent LAPP building is foreseen. However, applicants from all areas of high-energy phenomenology are encouraged to apply.

The LAPTh HEP group activities have large overlap with the astro-cosmo group. The lab also enjoys very close interaction with LAPP Annecy (experimentalists) and LPSC Grenoble (experimentalists/theorists), as well as with other CNRS labs, and with the nearby CERN. Annecy is a beautiful small-size town, located in a uniquely attractive area around a lake surrounded by mountains.

Interested candidates should submit their applications online here.

Required documents include a CV, a list of publications, a research statement, as well as three letters of recommendation.

The application deadline is Dec. 12, 2016. Later applications will be considered only if the position has not yet been filled.