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Post-doctoral Position in Integrable Systems for Fall 2015

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integrablesystemsThe succesful candidate will be working within the Mathematical Physics team of LAPTh, focusing on various aspects of the theory of (quantum) integrable systems. Interest in applications to Statistical Physics and / or Condensed Matter Physics will be an advantage. The deadline for the application is Jan 15th 2015. The application is to be made on-line.

The project will be carried on with E. Ragoucy (LAPTh, CNRS), L. Frappat (LAPTh, Université de Savoie) and M. Vanicat (LAPTh, PhD).
Several lines of study may be considered, e.g.:
 - Study of out-of-equilibrium systems such as ASEP models and their generalisations using Integrable Systems technics (Bethe ansatz, QISM, etc...);
- Scalar products of Bethe vectors in quantum spin chains with higher rank symmetries, and their application to condensd matter physics (multi-component bose gaz for instance);
- Integrable quantum field theories defined on a graph and condensed matter physics (conductance, shot noise, efficiency, etc..) ;
- Classification of quantum integrable models, quantum integrability vs exact integrability.

Applicants must hold a PhD (or have defended their thesis before the beginning of the contract). Strong academic background in quantum integrable systems is required.

The starting date will be fall 2015. The initial appointment is for one year with the possibility of an extension up to 12 months.

 Applicants should submit a curriculum vitae with a list of publications, a summary of previous research activities and scientific interests, and an e-mail address. They should arrange for 3 letters of recommendation that should be uploaded by their referees.


Post-doctoral position LHC and BSM physics for Fall 2015

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higgs-enigmassThe position is within the French excellence initiative ENIGMASS, and the project will be carried out jointly with Genevieve Belanger (LAPTh) and Sabine Kraml (LPSC, Grenoble).

The goal of the project is the interpretation of LHC searches in the context of different new physics scenarios and -- in case of discovery --  to unravel the correct Beyond the Standard Model theory. A collaboration whose objective is to develop a coherent framework for analysis reinterpretation  was started at LPSC, with participation from LAPTh. Within this project, the successful candidate will be contributing to the development of the analysis framework and database based on MadAnalysis5, implement and validate  new ATLAS and CMS analyses for Run-2 of the LHC  as they become available, and analyze their implications for various models of new physics.  The latter includes also studies of  specific  dark matter scenarios.   

Applicants must hold a PhD (or have defended their thesis before the beginning of the contract), experience with simulation and analysis tools as well as with global fitting methods is required.

Applications including CV, list of publications, statement of research and three reference letters should be made online

The deadline for the application is Nov.15th 2014. The starting date is somewhat flexible but no later than  October 1st 2015.


Post-doctoral position in Astroparticle for Fall 2015

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This is  a two-year young postdoctoral position in Astroparticle Physics, starting in Fall 2015, financed by CIPHEA. Preference will be given to candidates working in cosmology and related particle physics topics, although other profiles in theoretical astroparticle physics will be given consideration.

The candidate will interact with the LAPTh astroparticle group and in particular with P. Serpico. Depending on the specific research interests of the candidate, collaboration with the high energy phenomenology group on common projects (e.g. related to collider physics at LHC) is also possible. The LAPTh hosts many visitors throughout the year, and also takes advantage of sharing its building with experimental colleagues of LAPP who participate in important particle and astroparticle physics experiments (AMS, HESS, CTA, VIRGO, OPERA,  ATLAS, LHCb...).

A PhD degree (to be obtained before the starting of the contract, but not earlier than 24 months before) and relevant research experience are required.
More experienced researchers may be considered under exceptional circumstances.

The application, including a CV with a short statement of research interests and two to three recommendation letters, is to be made electronically, no later than December 15th 2014, following the on-line registration.