The Federation MSIF


The Research Federative Structure FR2914, CNRS(INP/INSMI)-Université de Savoie, « Modélisation, Simulation, Interactions Fondamentales » (Modelling, Simulation and Fundamental Interactions) includes teams from our laboratory LAPTH  and Mathematics Laboratory  LAMA (UMR5127) in  Bourget du Lac. A strong association and collaboration with the laboratory  AGIM (FRE3405) in Archamps focused on biophysics has been successfully  established. The scientific project of the Federation is to strengthen the development of interfaces and synergies between physics and mathematics on the one hand and adn on the other hand help set up  the emergence of new areas of research such biophysics and biomathematics which the federation has initiated. Among the interfaces, here are some examples of collaborative work 


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