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CIPHEA, International Centre of High Energy Physics and Astrophysics,  was founded in 2006 by LAPP and LAPTh under the auspices of CERN and the Local Authority "Conseil Général de la Haute-Savoie" which is the major funding body. CNRS, through both the IN2P3 and the INP, and the University de Savoie have also contributed. From early on, the Centre has attracted high level scientists from around the world, including senior top-class physicists, post-doctoral fellows, PhD students and young trainees. The ever-growing success of the Centre in attracting an ever increasing number of scientists, particularly since the LHC experiments started taking data coinciding with a wealth of results from astrophysics and cosmology as well as neutrino physics, encourage us to pursue the devloppment of the Centre and seek new sources of support. The Centre has exploited not only the proximity to and strong collaboration with CERN but offered also a multi-disciplinary approach combining collider and non-collider physics where both theorists and experimentalists meet while building on the research areas of our laboratories. With renowned physicists visiting the Centre and the pool of permanent researchers we have been able to offer lectures at the most competitive level, not only in the field of high energy physics where the attraction of nearby CERN is a chance, but also in astrophysics and cosmology benefiting from a strong network of collaborations around the world.

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