Theoretical Approaches for the Genome and the proteins (TAGp 2010)

20 - 22 October 2010

LAPTH, Annecy-le-Vieux, France

organised by the

Federation "Modélisation, Simulation, Interactions Fondamentales"


CNRSUniversity of Savoie

Poster of the conference


This event aims at bringing in contact people from different domains (physics, mathematics, biology, computer science) concerned with various theoretical and experimental aspects of the genome and of the structure of proteins. There are two precedents TAG06 and TAG08. TAGp 2010 expands towards new topics:

  • MACROMOLECULAR ASSEMBLY (proteins and nucleic acids)

    As high quality experimental data are becoming available today, it is important to realize how theoretical backgrounds are applied for the physical description of interacting many-body systems and how they can provide new developments in experimental biological systems. TAGp 2010 provides the environment for wide discussion among scientists of different expertises.

    The TAGp participants cover an extremely large spectrum of skills and expertises. They are interested and ready to listen, discover and share this huge variety of research fields. For the TAGp meeting to be successfull, a particular attention has to be given to the clarity and the simplicity of the presentations (seminars and posters).

    List of Speakers

  • Georgios Archontis, Cyprus, Theoretical concepts and computational methodologies applied on biomolecular systems
  • Florent Becker, France, Self-assembly of tilings
  • Guillaume Beslon, France, Evolutionary models
  • Alessandra Carbone, France, Co-evolution networks in proteins
  • Guillaume James, France, Applications of dynamical systems to nonlinear physics, biology.
  • Ivan Junier, France, Genetic networks, genome organisation and chromosomal structures
  • Richard Lavery, France, Molecular dynamics simulations of DNA and protein-DNA complexes
  • Fabio Musso, Spain, Evolutionary models: Turing
  • Antti Niemi, France, Solitons and secondary structures in folded proteins
  • Etienne Pardoux, France, Probabilistic models of evolutionary biology and population genetics
  • Felix Ritort, Spain, Nonequilibrium fluctuations in small systems using single molecule experiments
  • Dominique Schneider, France, Long-term genomic evolution in bacteria
  • Sarah Teichmann, UK, Computational Genomics
  • Rebecca Wade, Germany, Bioinformatics and physical simulation approaches for protein interactions

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    Organising Committee


    Virginie MALAVAL, tel: +33 (0)4 50 09 16 83


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