Dark Matter and Neutralinos
Astronomical observations & experimental strategies
August 28 - September 9, 2005

Les Houches International Predoctoral School - Session XX
Scientific director Pierre Salati - LAPTH - Annecy - France

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The astronomical dark matter problem is a major issue in particle astrophysics. This new field of research at the frontier between astrophysics, cosmology and particle physics has already gathered scientists in an effort to unravel a particularly tough puzzle that has been resisting our imagination since the thirties. Actualy the Universe seems mostly filled with a yet unknown form of matter. The favorite candidate suggested by high energy physics is the so-called neutralino : a hypothetical massive and neutral species whose existence is implied by the theoretical extensions of the standard subnuclear model but which is still evanescent because of its weak interactions.

The aim of this predoctoral school is to review the most convincing astronomical and cosmological evidences as well as the latest amazing developments that already make it possible for experiments to reach down minute sensitivities and to test theoretical predictions. Lectures will be given by young and very active researchers and assistant professors who are renowned specialists of that field.

Poster to download - Special thanks to Gérard Dromby (Laboratoire d'Annecy-le-Vieux de Physique des Particules LAPP) and to Jean Orloff (Université Blaise Pascal de Clermont-Ferrand). Many thanks also to Richard Taillet (LAPTH and Université de Savoie) for the web site.