Twinphox is a program to calculate the production of a photon plus a jet in collisions of two quasi-real photons at NLO. Of course the program can also be used to calculate the single inclusive cross sections photon + X.
The programs calculate the reactions e+e- -> gamma gamma -> gamma + jet, where the flux of quasi-real photons emitted from the electron is described by the Weizsäcker-Williams approximation.
The prompt photons are isolated using the isolation criterion of Frixione [Phys.Lett. B429 (1998) 369].

A description of the program and results can be found in the paper
Before you start using the program, please read the Readme where explanations about the installation and the use of the program are given.

The source code twinphox_1.0.tar.gz provides a self-contained version of Twinphox.

Please send any questions/comments to

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