JETPHOX is a program to calculate the reactions h h -> gamma/hadron + jet + X. By integrating over the jet, one can also get the single inclusive photon/hadron cross section at NLO.
The switch for the production of a photon/hadron is done automatically according to the choice of fragmentation functions for photons/hadrons in the input.

A description of the program and results can be found in the papers:

Before you start using the program, please read the Readme carefully.

The released version of the source code (v1.2.2) is available here. Compared to the older version (v1.0), the main changes are:

A less beta version (v1.3.1_1) of JETPHOX is available, the source code is here. Compared to 1.3.1 : correction of the labels for nPDF in parameter.indat. Compared to 1.3.0, the main changes are : a regression has been fixed, the histo mode is now working; the normalisation is passed in the ntuple; the flag 3 for the isolation criterion has changed.

Compared to v.1.2.2, the main changes are:

The old version (v1.0) is still available here.

Please send any questions/comments to

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