What the PHOX codes cannot do - General WARNINGS

As any computer code, the PHOX codes obey Feynman's `GIGO' principle: "Garbage In, Garbage Out": if you ask the wrong question to a PHOX code, you may get a wrong answer.
Here we list the two most important warnings regarding the use of the PHOX codes:

    The terminology "Monte Carlo program" refers here to the numerical integration technique used. The user should be careful not to be confused by this terminology.
    The PHOX codes are instead self contained programs designed to compute sufficiently inclusive observables with the possibility to account for various selection cuts which can be formulated at the parton level. The virtue of the PHOX codes is to provide predictions of Next to Leading Order (NLO) accuracy in the pertubative expansion in powers of alphas for such inclusive observables. This means that the PHOX codes give more accurate and quantitative answers than a full event generator regarding such inclusive quantites, but at the expense of a more restricted range of applicability. The PHOX codes and full event generators are complementary to each other.

  2. The PHOX codes SHARE ALL THE LIMITATIONS INHERENT IN ANY FIXED ORDER PERTURBATIVE CALCULATION based on the QCD-improved parton model. In particular, the results provided by the PHOX codes should be considered with circumspection if

In practice, the actual use of the various PHOX codes may not be affected by these restrictions, depending on the type of process concerned. For more detailed information please consult the warnings specific to the particular PHOX code which you intend to use.

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