Ephox is a program to calculate the photoproduction of a photon plus a jet (or a hadron plus a jet) at NLO.
The switch for the production of a photon/hadron is done automatically according to the choice of fragmentation functions for photons/hadrons in the input.
Of course the program can also be used to calculate the single inclusive cross sections photon/hadron + X.
The programs calculate the reactions e hi -> gamma/hadron + jet, where hi typically is a proton and the flux of quasi-real photons emitted from the electron is described by the Weizsäcker-Williams approximation.

A description of the program and results can be found in the papers
We would like to remark that the distributions for xobs given in the reference for hadron+jet have been obtained with an ancient version of the program where a (minor) bug has been corrected meanwhile. The new result for dsigma/dxobs corresponding to Fig.8 of hep-ph/0206202 can be found here. The xLL distributions are not affected at all.

Before you start using the program, please read the Readme where explanations about the installation and the use of the program are given.

The source code ephox.tar.gz provides a self-contained version of Ephox1.1.

bugfix October 2012: in jet_definition.f for acceptance 'up', and in x4min_incl line 1252 of photpro_resoFR.f.
Thanks to Ian Skillicorn, Glasgow University

Please send any questions/comments to gudrun@mpp.mpg.de

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