DIPHOX is a program to calculate the hadroproduction of two photons (or one hadron plus one photon, or two hadrons) at NLO.
The switch for the production of a photon/hadron is done automatically according to the choice of fragmentation functions for photons/hadrons in the input.
The programs calculate the reactions h h -> gamma/hadron + gamma/hadron

A description of the program and results can be found in the papers

Before you start using the program, please read the Readme where explanations about the installation and the use of the program are given.

The source code diphox.tar.gz will provide you a self-contained version of DIPHOX

version 8 June 2007 :

Latest version 14 December 2016, download this version diphox_1.3.3_4.tar.gz

Please send any questions/comments to guillet@lapp.in2p3.fr

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